Sunday, June 5, 2011

FAN OF THE MONTH (June 2011)

FAN OF THE MONTH FOR June 2011 goes to Rima

Read on why she loves John Cena Below:
"I love John Cena because not only is he dedicated to his job and strives to do his best,he tries his hardest to keep the CeNation and WWE Universe proud for what he does.He's also a big part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation which makes me grateful to be a part of the CeNation John Cena is the HOTTEST gut in the world and the the haters can back off because there just jealous!I love John Cena! Twitter: @Cenalover34"

Her Cena collection
Congratulation Rima on getting Fan Of The Month! Keep supporting John Cena!

Thanks for stopping by our Blog, CeNation!


  1. OMG I PUT GUT!!...spell check its actually guy :/

  2. Congrats Rima!! Lol, I hope you know me I will tell u at school!! I will miss u!

  3. Thanks i'll miss you to see you in high school! :)