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in RICHMOND, Va. - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will always be a bright, blazing Superstar in theWWE Universe. Not only did the WWE Hall of Famer kick off Raw by announcing the winner of WWE Tough Enough, he closed the show with a beer-soaked main event. Can he get a Hell Yeah?!

main event match arranged

After the stunning announcement, a slew of Superstars emerged to air their various grievances. Tops on the list? The delusional and disturbed R-Truth, who offered a bizarre apology for his actions the week prior. The act of contrition, such as it was, guaranteed Truth a WWE Title Match at Capitol Punishment. After his apology, Truth went on to espouse his far-fetched conspiracy theory that WWE is trying to hold him back. He then "seceded" from the WWE Universe.

Not one to share the spotlight , The Miz interrupted to complain that were it not for his former lackey, Alex Riley, he would still be WWE Champion. Unfortunately for him, A-Ry popped up, too, disputing Miz’s dubious version of events. Amid the chaos, WWE Champion John Cena dropped by to set it all straight.

The Champ berated his longtime rival Miz, congratulated Riley on his newfound independence and confronted his unbalanced Capitol Punishment opponent, Truth. Before the powder keg of frictions could ignite, Mr. McMahon arranged a main event match: Cena & Riley vs. Truth & Miz with “Stone Cold” acting as special guest referee.

R-Truth & The Miz def. WWE Champion John Cena & Alex Riley by Disqualification

Even when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin isn’t a direct participant in a match, his impact is undeniable. Acting as special guest referee during a match pitting WWE Champion John Cena & Alex Riley against R-Truth & The Miz, The Texas Rattlesnake wasn’t about to take any guff. He finished off the arrogant Miz like a six pack with a “Stone Cold” Stunner.

The Champ then followed up with an Attitude Adjustment on The Awesome One. As a result, Cena & Riley were pronounced the winners … momentarily.

Raw’s anonymous General Manager intervened, however, and overturned the special guest referee’s decision. “Stone Cold” could hardly believe when Michael Cole read the decision. Just as it appeared The Texas Rattlesnake might open up a can of whoop ass, the Raw GM tried to appease him, appointing him Special Guest General Manager for next week’s special three-hour WWE All Star Night.

“Stone Cold” seemed pleased, but that still didn’t save the weasel. The WWE Hall of Famer dragged Cole into the ring and leveled him with a Stunner. The Champ then followed up with a second Attitude Adjustment of his own, prompting he and The Texas Rattlesnake to toast a few beers and also leaving Cole flopped onto the canvas like a sack of wet laundry.
source: wwe.com

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  1. wow its really amezing. both cena and steve is awesome.

  2. hey................really john and stone cold are the real wwe champion........i love then :-)