Friday, June 10, 2011

John Cena interviewed by Bright House Network's Rock Riley


WWE champion was interviewed by Bright House Network’s Rock Riley. Here are some highlights of what Cena said about:

Preparing For Life After Wrestling: “I have an extreme realist concept about me living this dream. I know that it’s entertainment and everything has an end point,” Cena said.

“Cena said he believes developments in this area have to do with the wrestling industry coming out of the dark ages decades behind advancements made by the NFL, MLB, and NBA in the area of protecting their players.

“Nowadays, we have talent given financial advisement, we have advisement on health care, they have to pass health exams, they’re drug tested. “You’re pointing talent in more of a direction to say, ‘Listen, this is the entertainment business. You have what you have while you’re in it and there will be an end point, so we’re preparing you for after that end point.’”

’s Retirement: “This is the decision – I know Adam very well and he lives wrestling and is one of the best – but, if this were 1980, he would still be wrestling,” Cena said.

“Now, he got the advice, he said this is not the way for me to go, and on the spot, said, ‘I’m retiring.’ It was a decision that came out of nowhere, but there were some health risks involved and it was, ‘Listen, do you want to keep doing this and never walk again or do you want to live a normal life?’

“The obvious decision with the help of the doctors and WWE is, ‘I’m going to retire.’ That’s an example of how far the talent has evolved.”

Being A Role Model For Kids: “It’s a PG program, so I know a lot of kids watch our programming and in a world where role models are fleeting… I know where I’m at. I know WWE looks at me to be that guy. I was a team leader in college. I know what responsibilities you assume when you become a leader.”



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  1. wow cena is absolutely right. good bless u cena.

  2. u r my role model cena...God blees u!