Saturday, June 11, 2011

POWER 25: June 11, 2011

POWER 25: June 11, 2011
John Cena Remains at the #2 spot

"The Champ was screwed out of a tag team victory on Monday night after the anonymous Raw GM reversed the call of guest offical "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. With the decision reversed, Cena & Alex Riley were deemed the losers by disqualification."

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  1. i love you jhon cena...

  2. if Steve was the referee that means he can do what ever he want to do why GM reverse the decision. GM did this 2nd time with Steve. m so happy that john hit AA to the Cole.

  3. i love john cena ..he is my ideal person
    and i am bieng proud to fan of john cena
    its my dram to meet or watch john cena in my real life..and touch him..otherwise i talk him..